Offers at Wellspring Hanoi

VietinBank Premium

- 100% free of registration fee and 4 million VND per student (deducted from the first year tuition fee). Apply at the same time the preferential policies of early closing and the policy of many children attending the same school announced in the Enrollment Guidelines of each school year, not concurrently with other policies.

- 25% off short-term/extra-curricular courses at Wellspring. Not applicable in conjunction with other policies. Not applicable to students studying at Wellspring

- Discount 0.5% of voucher value for using Wellspring's products and services issued by Vietinbank and paid to redeem reward/gift points for Vietinbank customers. Maximum use voucher total 10 million/student in 1 year (for outside students only participating in short-term courses), 20 million/student in 1 year (for students attending the main course at the school).

Another preferential