VBI Premier Care - Premium health insurance for unlimited living experience

1. Benefits

- Premium customers and family members

2. Product features

- Maximum insurance benefits of up to VND 60 billion/year, high limit for settlement (offering customers with high-quality medical facilities, even those based in costly countries). 
- Insurance policies for customers ages 15 days old to 70 years old. (In the case of renewal, the insurance covers those who are up to 84 years old).
- Global insurance coverage offers customers with easy access to medical services according to their needs. 
- Expanded scope of global hospital fee guarantee to more than 1 million medical facilities and hospitals. 
- Insurance coverage includes even cases of birth defects, HIV & AIDS inpatients. 
- Offering customers with support in payment for cancer treatment and kidney dialysis with an optimal limit of sums. 
- Insurance covers the full package for general and periodical examination. 
- Offering customers with emergency transportation service by air beyond the territory of Vietnam.
- Takecare service with support to customers in health examination. 
- 24/7 customer care service of international standards. 
- Professional and advanced systems for compensation records management. 
- Dedicated function to handle customer claims. 

3. Eligibility conditions and application form

- Customers register to premium insurance via branches.
- Application for insurance policy.
- Citizen’s personal identity 
- VBI-issued insurance policy shall be delivered to customers via SMS/email.